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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  September 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. we are following a tense situation at justin herman plaza and many are still in riot gear. a big announcement coming from the pentagon. an action around the campus and we will tell you what celebrities have been spotted filming their new movie. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us september 18th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic and i know steve doesn't care, i got in the care and i had to turn on the heat real quick this morning. >> i care, david. the cooling which has been on the coast for a while has moved
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well inland and temperatures are continuing to come down, 50s and 60s and some 70s, even out to the delta it has been cooler, here is sal. traffic does look good so far driving to oakland. also the commute looks good to marin county and san rafael. >> we have developing news coming in from san rafael. a firefighter has been hurt just from hours ago. allie rasmus is live on east 14th street, what happened allie? >> reporter: well the restaurant was on fire and the firefighter who cut his leg wild on the building trying cut holes to release some of the smoke that was trapped underneath the roof in the building and he ended up cutting his leg with a circular
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saw. he was immediately rushed to the medical center in caster valley. >> he has a good laceration to his leg. >> reporter: now when firefighters arrived there was heavy smoke and fire coming from the buildings but they don't know what sparked this fire but it appears to be the back storage room where a dumpster is stored and when we arrived there was still smoke coming from that dumpster. we spoke to firefighters briefly off camera and they have no idea how the fire started. this restaurant has been here for about seven years and the fire started when it was closed so nobody working herein sued the restaurant -- here inside the restaurant has been hurt but right now a firefighter has been treated for a cut to his
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leg while fighting the fire on the roof of this building. right now they are camping out at justin herman plaza. protesters are telling us they are not sure how long they will stay out there and this comes after the first anniversary of the occupied movement. yesterday evening protesters marched in front of 555 california street, the former bank of america building and then they burned money to symbolize getting rid of debt. >> we are obviously the camels that are carrying the gigantic elephant and it is time for the people to really rise and say, you know this is not fair... >> they disrupted traffic in the downtown area but police
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say it remained peaceful. and coming up at 5:30 we will have a live report from justin herman plaza for more on how long they plan to stay put. they are trying to find a man accused of sexually assaulting and robbing a woman. it happened september 9th. that woman was walking when a gunman approached her. police say he stole her money and then tried to sexually assault her. when another car drove by, the attacker ran away. the suspect is described as mixed race, dark hair, dark eyes. if you have any information call union city police. they are filming part of their new movie on the google campus. there is a buzz surrounding the actors who play interns in the
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movie. good morning. >> reporter: good morning and the movie is appropriately named the internship and you can see the google campus for what appears to be another day of filming. now the movie stars will far row and will burns and this is video from sunday when they were spotted at the locker room of the 49ers game. they recently laid off men where bosses were in their 20s and according to casting calls, they were planning on being in the bay area and the google campus this week and in fact, we actually have seen already people are tweeting and blogging and posting pictures from some of the filming that was done on campus yesterday. for now ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and there is protests in
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indonesia, they are protesting and they want the u.s. government to punish the producer of innocence of muslims. it is sparking protests in about two dozen countries. and now they have reduced their operations alongside afghan soldiers. leon panetta is so upset that men are being killed by the men they are training. afghan militants or posting as them are killing them. those attacks have risen as the a men come home. they are telling donors that almost half of americans consider themselves victims who deserve government support. >> there are 39% who are with them and they believe they are victims who believe the government has a responsibility
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to care for them... >> coming up, how mitt romney's comments could affect the presidential campaign. sal had his coffee and he is back now. >> he is clearing his throat. how is the -- >> it is an organic -- >> our coffee machine is down. >> i was kidding. good morning everybody. grab your cup of coffee. you don't have to run to the car but you might want to get on the road soon because if you look at the pictures, it's a good time to go. right now 80 westbound has been looking good and i have been listening to chp and police radios. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's still light and it does not get busy until the 6:00 hour so you still have
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time. 5:07 let's go to steve. >> organic shaven hand picked, just for you, sal. i am not trying to harp on something, but usually we get nice weather on the coast and if anything cooling inland, high pressure got knocked out of there, temperatures will come down and it is kind of liveeling -- leveling off, so the cooling inland will continue today but by the coast, 50s and of 0s and there is lots of coast fog. it will look brisk out there and even though temperatures are really close, west southwest at fso and that's with a low cloud deck pushing
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inland. that is a blocking pattern and it is in the upper atmosphere and high pressure is here and there is a little low underneath it. where this low goes by the weekend, it looks like it will start to move in. fog sunny and breezy for some, especially san mateo, san pueblo bay. 60s and 70s for most, bringing clear lake and ukiah's temperatures down. fairfield 78, 78 livermore pittsburgh brentwood, saratoga 71, upper 70s in morgan hill, and our 50s and 60s are on the coast. >> maybe a light bump up for
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monday, pam, dave? a great white shark was spotted in the bay. how close they swam to shore and we will have more on how many may be on the coast. a teacher's strike may end soon. traffic may be getting busier in antioch but find out what the rest of the drive is like towards interstate 880.
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. chicago's teacher's strike could be coming to an end as they vote today on whether or not to call off the strike. a vote on the actual contract will come later. >> our goal is to do everything we can possibly to get the children back into school. >> the seven day strike in the third largest school district has kept 350,000 students out of class and parents scrambling for daycare. >> in response to a lawsuit the a.c.l.u. released 37 pages of information. according to a protest, protesters shut down the port. they are withholding the remaining 24 pages for privacy reasons. they say they did not violate anybody's legal rights. mitt romney is talking now
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about the controversial video where he is telling donors that almost half the american people believe they are victims who deserve government support. allison burns is live with more details and we will have more on whether mitt romney will apologize. >> reporter: mitt romney said his comments were not elegantly stated but he is not apologizing. a secretly recorded announcement where with he expresses disdain for those who don't pay income taxes say they will vote for obama no matter what. >> they believe they are victims and they believe the government has a responsibility to care for them... >> reporter: he is talking about obama's moment caught on camera and paul ryan repeated
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it yesterday. >> i remember one time when he said people like us like to cling to their guns and religion. >> now mitt romney called a news conference to try to diffuse controversy about his comments but he actually made things worse. i will have more on my neck update, reporting live allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. well some great white sharks were seen last weekend in monterey bay. in fact a woman saw a great white shark that was 20 feet long near the mouth of the river. it was less than 200 yards from shore. they also photographed great white sharks on friday and saturday swimming near sea cliff. an estimated 20 great white sharks are in the waters along the central coast. new information about a young couple found dead in a motel room in newark. police have not released their
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identities but family members confirmed one of the members was patricia martin from pleasanton. -- pleasanton. she and her boyfriend were found shot to death on friday. police believe it was perhaps a murder/suicide or perhaps a double suicide. earlier, patricia's mother said her daughter had runaway. they are expected to get a light sculpture project for the bay bridge. take a look at the bay lights project and it will include more than 2 5,000 energy efficient lights right on the western span of the bay bridge. they are raising $8 million to pay for that project. he will be joining former san francisco willie brown for a news conference which is at 10:30 this morning.
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let's check in on sal for traffic, sal? good morning, traffic has been moving along well around the bay area so far. this is a look at highway 4 and it looks very nice coming to the willow pass grade in fact traffic continues to look nice all the way into the concord area. this morning's commute is coming to the san francisco bay toll plaza and traffic is moving well into the city. if you look at the peninsular traffic here has been moving very well and fog is not an issue, not a big issue for drivers anyway along the peninsular. 5:17 let's go to steve. what is winning? low pressure, right there it is winning out as it takes this high bumps it out and boy did it come flying in yesterday. there will be a few 80s if you are way out there but by the coast, 60s for most, or upper
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50s, fog sun, 60s and 70s and it's a blocking pattern, and once it sets in, it usually lasts but september is that time of year, we get a lot of transition taking place and high pressure is blocking and a little low is sneaking in and they are taking the fog and ramping it up. temperatures are hard pressed to get out of the mainly low 60s and we will have 62. 50s for everybody even down to san jose. excuse me. pardon me, thank you. west southwest fairfield gusts at 29 and 22 at fso and that's the sea breeze and that's the gusts the winds are coming from, from the west. we will have a slight warmup which will be inland and that will not be until friday or saturday and then cooler again
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sunday and monday. temperatures 60s and 70s and low 80s and we will settle into these patterns not much change, sacramento is in the 80s. very low 70s on the peninsular. we have another cooler pattern sunday and monday, dave, pam? markets are lower in early trading and all the major indexes overnight, shanghai composite is the biggest looser down nearly 1%. most are less than a half of a percent as a dispute between china and japan drained investor confidence. this morning, checking in on our numbers, a little bit of a loss yesterday as you can see and right now it looks like the futures are indicating about the same. we will have a better indication as we get closer to the opening bell but when the markets do open, keep an eye on
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the devices and tom is leaving the company to pursue other companies. he had been named last year and has been considered the favorite until rory reid turns around the company and the stocks fell as much as 13% in premarket trading this morning. a new bump in the road in a plan to move the a's to san jose, what the owner is reportedly saying about his quest for a new stadium? plus the lengths one man went to, to clear his wife's name after an accident with immune any trolley. and -- muni trolley. you can get connected any time, anywhere, click on the live and on your phone...
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. surveillance video shows the driver car stopping and a trolley crashing into it from
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behind. that conflictings with what the driver of the trolley said. the husband of the driver of the car obtained the video because he wants to clear his wife's name. uc police say magazine solacers coerced something to remove $400 from an "a" tm. that -- from an atm. that student was so afraid they are investigating this as a potential robbery. >> he gave her a story that if he didn't do it, he would be forced to pay for the subscription and he would probably call the police department and report her. so she was fearful because of that... >> well police are asking students to report anything so they can identify solicit ters.
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he is accused of being drunk in public. the ex-game star was arrested at a hotel. white also tried to attack a hotel guest and ended up in the hospital after hitting his head. major league baseball is investigating reports that escobar may have displayed a homo phobicsly. he showed a message written in spanish under escobar and players usually wear eye block to reduce glare and he reportedly displayed thesly during a game with the red sox. there are reports that the commissioner could make a decision on a new oakland a's stadium by the end of the year. they want to build it in san
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jose but the giants have territorial rights to the south bay. they may force the a's and giants to fulfill a certain criteria and that may delay construction for another year. anything that would cause a yearlong delay would likely end his quest for a stadium. here is a look at traffic. sal? we are doing well around the bay area and as a matter of fact i will show you traffic is pretty much at the speed limit in san jose approaching one of the busiest intersections on southbound 880. and heading south past mission boulevard all the way to san jose, it is a populated commute but it does look good, let's go to steve. it is making its move, inland temperatures continue to
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cool and that is like the coast and bay which are already cool. lots of fog on the coast and 60s closer to the bay, pam. >> thank you, steve. 5:26 is the time, nasa has retired the entire space shuttle fleet but one can fly over and we will tell you how and when you can get a look. hear from a long time friend from ambassador chris stevens, one of the many have memorialized him at a memorial. we will tell you what one protester had to say when ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
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. time now 5:30 time to check in with steve, it is definitely cooler. >> dave touched on it ten minutes ago but the chill out there as well, temperatures in the lower 50s and 60s and 70s and unless you are far inland those temperatures are coming down to some lower 80s, here is sal. on gabe -- on the golden gate bridge traffic, traffic looks good and also it looks
5:31 am
good on 237 in milpitas, let's go back to dave and pam. protesters are facing off with police at justin herman plaza. tara moriarty just spoke to the police captain and has some new information about their plan to handle the group, tara? >> he told me they had asked the protesters to leave by 5:30 and if that does not happen they may have to move in to remove them. right now let's look at some video from this morning. it sounds like police will not be heavy handed but they have received several noise complaints from neighbors. police say they are most concerned about violence and vandalism and that's why they are here to make sure there are no outbreaks. they came from seattle to participate and he is one of 40 people who camped out overnight and said he showed no signs of
5:32 am
leaving. >> i'm sure as heck not going to add very kate to take down the tenths but it is not the police's right to tell people where they can and can not have their tents. >> well they ended up here after a day of marches and rallies which marks the one year anniversary of the occupied movement. hundreds made their case in front of several hundred institutions. some left paint, democracy over debt and they also burned money as a symbol of getting rid of debt. we will continue to monitor the situation out here and let you know how everything unfolds and it looks like police officers are showing up momentarily and police officers pulled up around the corner so we are expecting them to come around and we will keep you posted. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:32 a firefighter
5:33 am
was hurt in san leandro while trying to save a business which caught fire overnight. it happened on east 14th street. the fire crews said it started in a storage room there. one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital after cutting his leg with a saw while trying to let some of the smoke out through the roof. he is expected to be okay and firefighters were able to save most of the business and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. also, a fire in antioch is called suspicious. firefighters found this structure at city park fully engulfed in flames. this is a brand-new structure recently built for kids in the neighborhood. it comes after a handful of small fires on thursday and friday that investigators are calling arson. the fires were set by according to officials, transients in the area. and in kabul, it was
5:34 am
revenge reportedly for the anti- islam film which has enraged many in the middle east, they are telling the media that, this morning and they say the bomber was a woman in her early 20s. she ran a car with 600 pounds of explosives into a bus killing at least 12 people. one of the actors from that film that sparked so many protests are now speaking out this morning. he is hiding his identity and coming forward to express his true feelings about it. why he said he was duped into making that movie coming up at 4:45. they are calling ambassador chris stevens' death a gift. they are honoring him now. in-law school they held a
5:35 am
memorial yesterday. former law students faculty and friends said stevens brought out the best in people. >> he and i were good friends in-law school. chris was not just a great lawyer and leader, he was a teacher... >> even first year law students who i don't know about it said they were affected by his sacrifice. google's mountain view campus is being used for a new hollywood movie. joining us live, they will tell us what scenes will be filmed and who is in this movie? >> reporter: well there are a lot of trucks on the google campus so it looks like they are getting ready for another day of filming and people are already texting and blogging about yesterday's shoot. you can make out the celebrities in the crowd. some were also spotted in the locker room after the 49ers game and they are here forming
5:36 am
the internship, a movie about two laid off men in their 40s who get internships at a company where their bosses are in their 20s . they are looking forecasting calls and another one looking for an owen wilson stand in this week and no word on whether that role has already been filled. for now live in mountain view ann rubin ktvu channel 2 morning news. san jose is doing a nationwide search. they need a new police chief after the retirement of chris moore. moore said he wants to spend more time with his family and his announcement comes after a spike in violence in the city and also a pension reform battle which led to many police officers leaving the department. san jose mayor chuck reid said he is sorry to see the chief
5:37 am
go. >> he had to manage tough fiscal issues and that's why he has done a great job in some of the most difficult times the department has ever faced. >> his final day on the job will be january 31st. >> the search for a missing firefighter will continue this afternoon in lincoln nebraska. last night lincoln police received a tip that somebody saw a man fitting the description of charlie dowd. dowd left from the emoryville on wednesday in montreal to see his son and grandchildren. he disappeared between chicago and denver. they found his bag cell phone and medication on the train in chicago. well the bay area may get to see a space shuttle, make a low path over the peninsular friday morning. right now the endeavor is
5:38 am
perched on the back of that 747 and will make its final home in los angeles. if weather cooperates it will fly 1,500 feet above mountain view where nasa has aimed which is where the early research was conducted. taking you to breaking news, it is a story we have been following since overnight, this is a live picture in san francisco and police are now moving in on this occupied camp at justin herman plaza. again these are live picture from the scene and we have a camera as well out there which is how we are getting these shots. police are asking them to leave it is about 50 people and they have been camped out through the financial district which is marking the first anniversary of wall street and police have given the protesters a 5:30
5:39 am
deadline to move their tents and get out of there. we do have a reporter on the scene and police are moving in and it is an active scene and we'll see what happens do in fa stand their ground and challenge the police. >> this comes after the big march yesterday. we will follow that live and bring it to you on channel 2. sal is back, you are keeping an eye on this in contra costa? >> that is right. we are looking at highway 4 and starting there and 680, the main freeways look pretty good here coming up through the freeway and there are no major problems and no major problems by the way driving on 680 south of the venetia bridge. bay bridge toll plaza, it is getting more crowded but certainly no crowd at the toll plaza getting into san francisco. if you are driving on the
5:40 am
freeway in caster valley it looks good, let's go to steve. a little chill is in the morning air, no doubt about it. nights are getting longer, it doesn't mean we can't get hot but without that high pressure on us, it's not happening especially by the coast. high pressure has been bumped out of the way and you are saying how much cooler can it get on the coast. santa cruz has checked in and the city is checking in at 62 which tells you it is a cool pattern. you combine a little west wind and it will cut right through you. mountain view runs warm. cop cord 51 and fairfield 51 and everybody, except oakland airport has shown gusts up to
5:41 am
30. very low 80s, high pressure is built to the north and it is just playing right into our weather and with that in mind, price i for some in spots and a little bit for some, it is not very warm. clear like and ukiah coming down. 73 napa, 78 livermore, oakland and berkeley 66, 71 san jose, morgan hill gilroy cupertino 74, 50s and 60s coast, very low 70s i don't see much change with the coast and then cooler again sunday. a french court issues a ruling on kate's topless photos, what a magazine must now do but apparently there are more photos out there. what happened when a base jumper jumped.
5:42 am
>> 24 looks descend and -- decent and i will tell you where it is getting busier for the morning drive.
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. san francisco moved in on occupied protesters that have been camped out since last night after marching through the san francisco financial districts. now we have a news crew there and we will bring you a live update but police told them they had to leave, some have left but you can see clearly others are still there. we don't know what will happen
5:45 am
next. but we will keep an eye on justin herman plaza and bring you the very latest. we have a new video in placer county where a base jumper became stuck and his parachute became tangled in a tree. this is after he jumped from a bridge from auburn about 9:00 last night. cal fire had to use a ladder to get him down. he was taken to the hospital they got him down, he was using a parachute to jump from objects and we do not know his condition at this point. they have blocked topless photos and they have ordered them to hand over all digital photos. under this morning's ruling the magazine cannot publish the photos anymore on the website or the app and the ruling only
5:46 am
affects the french publish other. an irish tabloid apparently have also published those pictures. the base was home to both british and u.s. soldiers. now the british secretary said the prince was taken to a secure place on friday when insurgence posing as u.s. soldiers. his deployment was announced earlier this month and it was at that time taliban said they would try to capture or kill prince harry. well one of the actors from that controversial film said he regrets his decision. >> this i terribly regret it and everything else that has come along with it. >> now the actor who played
5:47 am
solomon, you can't really see his face, he said he was deceived. he said he thought the movie would be more like a sketch comedy. three embassy employees were killed sparked by the attacks and controversy of that movie. meanwhile they will meet with hillary rodham clinton and she will welcome somebody from the area for the unmarked tour. they will talk about recent reforms and she will also take her to san francisco. later this morning, san francisco police will host a community meeting to educate people about a growing scam targeting elderly chinese women. they convinced them to bring money as a way to bring good luck and health. it is part of a nationwide
5:48 am
crime ring. it begins at the south sunset community center on 40th avenue in san francisco. our time now 5:47, our girlfriend will now have to pay rent to stay in the mansion. she agreed to pay $11,000 a month to rent the home. she claims he left her artwork and home. however kin kids wife wants to take out every possession from the house before pinto moved in. the two sides are due back in court. and another bay area county could become home to a new movie studio. the town of dixon is being considered for morning view productions. it is best known for farming
5:49 am
ranching and hosting the county fair. they want to build a 300-acre facility that would be green. one attraction for morning view is that land prices are cheaper in dixon than in other places. if it is approved it would bring 800 and temporary jobs to a population of about 18,000. joe senior was one of the founders of the service. the family said he had just climbed into his truck to leave for work just as he did he ever morning, and he collapsed and died. he was known for his military vehicles and you can see them across the north bay. plans for joe are not -- plans for a memorial service for joe have not been finalized.
5:50 am
>> you speak very uponly about him -- fondly when you mention him. >> he was really a kick. his cars were harder to drive but what an amazing man and he led the fight for recycling, he will be missed. let's check in with sal, get you to where you need to go, how are you looking? >> well, we are starting off the morning with a decent commute, moving along 880 north on southbound and it is quiet in the east bay, it will not stay this way but if you are driving onto the dumbarton or san mateo bridge you will like what you see. in fact from this picture we can see the high-rise and traffic is moving well. if you are driving from
5:51 am
livermore to caster valley, no major problems coming in from the tracy area although it is busy. a little chill is being felt in the morning air, it is going down, down, down by the coast. they are stuck even in santa cruz soingit a solid fog bank which continues to hug the coast and high pressure gave some -- high pressure gave some areas a blast. there will be a few 80s but lots of 70s, cool and breezy for the bay and lots of fog by the coast and the sun is not warming us up very much. we have a southwest breeze with gusts at 29 and there is a westerly component to that breeze. highs are stuck and that lilo is playing into -- little low
5:52 am
is playing into our weather. that fog takes a lot of burn, it took about noon yesterday. morgan hill san jose 71, 66 oakland, 70 redwood city and mountain view, very low 80s well inland and not much change, we could see a bump up but it looks cooler saturday and monday. right now they call him the man of cold where millions of dollars in gold was found and why some hear in the bay area may get to keep it all. >> you will hear about a new san francisco program that helps people but they have been scammed. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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5:55 am
. it is time for scammers to face the music. >> [ music... hey, you just scammed me,...
5:56 am
end music ] >> they filmed a parody that said call me maybe. they are asking them to file a claim by october 1st. >> as part of the settlement, they have to pay a restitution fund of up to $7.5 million. victims could be eligible for a refund of up to $1,800. on our website we have posted a claim form as well as the entire music video. look for it right on the home page. some sharks are thinking about making a move even though they have locked out their players. he played during the lock out eight years ago and jason signed a deal to play in finland. he is close to signing a deal to play for geneva and he is expected to play for his team
5:57 am
in native slovakia -- in his native country. $12,000 was found in a home. authorities say the 69-year-old man died of heart problems and only had $200 in the bank. the gold will likely go to his cousin who is a teacher in san rafael. it's just about 5:57 how are we doing so far, sal? dave and pam -- dave and pam, we are doing well. we are doing nicely on san jose and has been a nice drive. also this morning's commute continues to look good on the sunole grade, at 5:57 let's go back to the desk.
5:58 am
what the libyan government is telling the world about killing chris stevens and three other worker. >> at justin herman plaza police are moving in on demonstrators and we will have a live report coming up. inland temperatures continue to cool down and we will have those cooler numbers in just two minutes.
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